Hi, I’m New Here.

I didn’t mean to start a blog. It kind of just evolved into a need for a space to write and share my photos, which I’ve been doing a lot of on my Instagram these days. And sometimes the things I have to say are bigger than what can be captured in an image and a few lines.

So who am I? 

My name is Alyssa,  lover of the all the wild things. I am a mother, a wife, a self proclaimed explorer and a lover of photography and videography. 

My love for our earth is rooted deep within who I am as a mixed Indigenous/European person. I was raised on the land, barefoot with my feet on the earth, catching frogs and riding my bike down the county roads. I was taught to harvest and grow and to honour sustainability and conservation all as a way of life.

I feel an obligation to those before me to do my part to take care of what I have been given and a responsibility to the next generations to make things better. My goal through photography and writing is to help others deepen their connection to our earth and to raise an awareness for ways we can improve. I want those who see my pictures and hear my stories to be inspired to kick off their shoes off and feel the ground on their feet, to watch the birds or simply marvel in the hidden beauty of the roadside chicory. 

I want to make people fall in love with nature. I believe that’s as good of place to start as any. 

Besides taking pictures, you’ll find me regularly hiking, kayaking, biking, birding and working in the garden (usually with my kids). I am rarely spotted without a camera or a set of binoculars. I love the smell of woodsmoke in the fall and sound of the spring peepers. My favourite book is likely the Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds and “Lost together” by Blue Rodeo is my favourite song. I live for the slow moments, authentic connections and I am fuelled by coffee and creativity.

I hope you will follow me and my family on our adventures of a life infused by the outdoors, as we share the connections to our culture, the simple truths of motherhood and the memories snapped along the way.


One thought on “Hi, I’m New Here.

  1. Congratulations on starting this awesome blog, I am loving everything you are writing! Please add me to your email list for this blog, if you have such a list going. You continue to inspire me and others to get outside and take in this beautiful world! I wish I lived in your part of the world to see some of the areas you write about, but hope to get there once this pandemic is just a memory. In the meantime I will explore my own corner of the world – there is beauty everywhere!


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