Alyssa Bardy is a mother, wife, photographer and a lover of the land. She is Upper Cayuga from Six Nations of the Grand River and mixed European. Usually with her camera, binoculars and children in tow, she is the owner and photographer for Chicory Wild Creative. 

Alyssa’s photography captures the stories of motherhood, Indigenous reconnection, nationhood and the interconnection of these things to the land. With a special focus on Indigenous language revitalization, story telling and knowledge sharing, Alyssa uses the lens as a tool for herself, her children and the generations to come to learn and share the brilliance and beauty of both culture and creation. 

Alyssa currently resides on and draws inspiration from the shores of the Bay of Quinte, her family’s traditional territory. 

Alyssa can be found on Instagram @chicory.wild. For booking inquiries and rates please click here.